Imagined futures: My new book in progress

So, I am writing a new book, as a follow up to my futuristic utopian Green New Deal novel Waiting For the Storm. I firmly believe that housing, transportation, and energy are all connected. We must make progress on all three fronts together. In WFTS I focused on transportation, and secondarily, energy. It takes place in Dover and Durham NH in 2040 after they have managed to get a light rail line as the spine of linear town connecting the two. Since finishing and self-publishing, I have spent nearly all my time thinking about housing in New Hampshire and particularly here in Manchester. Now I have decided to put my two interests together and I am writing a sequel of sorts: another futuristic novel, this one taking place in Manchester in 2045. Of course this requires me to describe what has actually taken place in the intervening 20 plus years. When I started WFTS at the beginning of 2019 there was seemingly no housing crisis. Housing was not even really on my radar. Of course since then, NH has woken up to the fact that we need something like 60,000 units of new housing by 2040. I am a generally hopeful futurist, but I don’t think we will get all of this housing built. I do envision a rail connection to-from Boston completed, and a trolley down Elm and South Willow all the way to the Mall. Since I am the author- I can just have it all! This new book, Imagined Futures, is again going to be a novel, but this time I am hoping to talk to others. I am hoping that the future that I imagine and describe – in 2045- can be a more expansive picture- things I haven’t thought of. This is not going to be a book of interviews, and specific ideas will not be credited directly, but I will of course include an expansive acknowledgement of all of my sources.

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