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Jane Haigh

Why I wrote this book

I have been thinking about renewable energy and saving energy since the 1970s. When I built an energy-saving, superinsulated, passive solar house for my family in Fairbanks in 1986, I thought the energy revolution was about to arrive. But it didn’t. And I have been frustrated ever since.
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Like you, I got very excited when news of a potential Green New Deal was bandied, and it was vague enough that I began to imagine all the great things that could and should be accomplished. Mass transit, transit-oriented development, new net-zero housing for all, and microgrids would make power outages a thing of the past.

Then, politics intervened, and the Green New Deal began to recede into a future that seemed impossibly far off. What to do?

I consoled myself by writing Waiting for the storm and Alaska gold rush book, which seemed more fun to explore the issues than polemic, or series of essays, although I certainly admire those who have taken this path.

Jane Haigh