Read My Latest Book, Waiting for the Storm

It’s 2040, and thirty-five-year-old solar installer Jazz has recently returned to her college town and nearby Dover, New Hampshire, from a failed marriage in Alaska. He hopes to reconnect with her college love, Kisala, daughter of Somali refugees, now an architect who has committed her whole career to build sustainable, affordable housing. Jazz finds the area transformed with a sleek new light rail line forming the spine of The Corridor, linear development of university dorms and labs, and sustainable multi-use neighborhoods powered by fail-safe renewable microgrids. It’s all so wonderfully convenient, with a great sense of community and the assurance that her lifestyle won’t be ruining life on earth.

Hurricane Mitch is set to cross Cape Cod and hit the New Hampshire coast during the year’s highest tides. Jazz follows the storm on the Climate Channel with others at the town hub, Barney’s Brew Pub, and Farm to Table Restaurant as millions evacuate and power is cut to those still depending on the grid. And waves and wind destroy beaches and barrier islands. But Kisala is out on the coast with Dan, a young, wealthy Boston biotech bro who is determined to ride out the storm in the new, yet unfinished, multi-million-dollar solar house called Seabourne that Kisala has designed for him. And he wants Kisala to stay there with him. Kisala is scared and calls Jazz to rescue her before the storm hits. Jazz goes out to Seabourne to retrieve Kisala. Even though it has all the sustainable and renewable energy bells and whistles, Jazz still sees it as selling out.

Jazz, Kisala, and friend Cody rescue Dan after the storm and continue to rescue others from low-lying areas on the coast.


Download the excerpt below. Read two chapters from Waiting For The Storm

Jane Haigh